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In the English village they again found a bag of money. Already for the 12th time

For five years, in the place of Blackhall Colliery, in the most prominent places they find large sums - 2000 pounds sterling - clearly left specially. On Monday, on the sidewalk again found a pack of 20 pound notes.

Detectives interviewed employees of local banks and the post office, but did not find clues (pictured is a Durham County police officer with a material evidence) | Source: BBC News Russian Service

Neither the locals who regularly hand over the findings to the police, nor the detectives have an explanation for this riddle.

Durham County police interviewed many people and almost all the offices in the village, including the bank and the post office, but found no clues. Checking banknotes for fingerprints also failed.

However, police praise the residents of Blackhall Colliery for honesty. Nobody has ever claimed the money found, so they are returned from the police to those who found it.

What makes Blackhall Collier remarkable?

Population less than 5 thousand people

In the last century, it was a mining village, but the last mine was closed here in 1981.

Most residents now work in call centers located in neighboring villages.

The local beach can be seen in the final scenes of the film "Remove Carter" in 1971, which starred Michael Kane

Constable John Forster said the package found on Monday was the fourth this year:

Perhaps this is done by some kind Samaritan. In any case, we thank the residents who demonstrate amazing unity and each time they give money to the police. The reasons for what is happening remain a mystery to us, so we urge citizens to tell us any information that will help get to the bottom of these events.

It is impossible to assert reliably that all finds were handed over to the authorities. The amount that unknown people regularly throw into the village is almost equal to the average monthly salary in this county (in the whole UK, according to 2019, the average salary is slightly higher - 2416 pounds).

Source: BBC News Russian service

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